The Pregnant Moon Review, contemporary poetry that illuminates!

The Pregnant Moon Review shines deep-image driven poetry into hungry eyes. We publish poetic imaginations that sing in our dreams, dance into our mind's eye, and open our eyes to a world we thought existed but were too afraid to explore. A world drowned out by the loud ruckus of daily life.

We believe expression is vital to living, that is why we publish poets at all stages of their creative prowess. In the Pregnant Moon Review, well-known poets, little known poets, and unknown poets illuminate together.

Contemporary poetry demands the poet to express serious consequences to man's dominance over nature through inventive images, fluid sound and silence, and flawless mastery of the English language that is engaging and devoid of ordinary expression.

We publish the online edition of the Pregnant Moon Review in accordance to full moon cycles.
We publish a printed edition when we inspire to, which is at least once a year.