When your Air Conditioner is Noisy

AC at home is often used during breaks, while air-conditioning in the office is used during working hours. Imagine if the rest time and work time we are disturbed due to noise that is generated by the installed AC unit. Child’s sleep is disturbed, neighbors are overloaded, TV sound distortions, work concentration is resolved, talk at disrupted meetings, and a myriad of other problems caused by the noisy noise from the air conditioner. When this happens, it’d be a good idea to call the recommended aircon servicing Singapore to help you out.

The name of the electronic goods, duly functioned properly, air conditioning cold air, instead of sound like a speaker. If there are strange noises coming out of your air conditioner, some of them may be caused by loose bolts, loose belt belts, loose compressor bearing and become noisy due to engine vibration; uneven air conditioner holder; and vibrations caused by dirty evaporators and condensers.

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