How to choose a watch which suits you well

So diverse choices to make a lot of people who actually even confused when going to choose and buy the appropriate original watches. And to overcome it certainly there are several factors that need to be considered for the selection of watches can really fit, one of these factors is the characteristic of the wrist, just like best triathlon watches which is perfect for a bicycle athlete.

By not putting aside the comfort when wearing, here are some tips on choosing watches based on the shape and size of the wrist.

Proportional Hand

Wrist shape that is classified as proportional is usually marked by the size of the wrist is not too big and not too small aka medium size, the owner of this wrist is also not too muscular with a skin thickness that is not too high (not much fat).

The owner of this wrist is a very lucky person once. This is because the wrist of this kind is an ankle that can use any type and shape of the watch.

The Muscular Hand

The muscular wrist owner usually exercises regularly. A wristwatch that measures the size of the rope and the body is rather large is more suitable for this muscular wrist owner. This type of hand is also well suited to watches that its design is sporty and masculine.

Choosing Customized Watches With Hand Characteristics However, it is important that the owner of this wrist avoids the use of straps of chrome or stainless steel (bracelet), which can reduce the wearer’s grip or masculinity (not proportional to the muscular wrist).

Small Hand Diameter

People who have small wrists are usually somewhat skinny or thin. For small wrist owners, it is advisable to avoid wristwatches with large bodies and ropes because it can give the impression of a hand. Better to choose a watch with a small body size and rope.

Large and Contained Hand Diameter

A person who is fat and often exercising will usually have the characteristics of the hand that contains and large. The owner is advised to wear watches that size rope and body rather large. With a medium or wide wristwatch combined with a thick enough material will make the wearer look more handsome and masculine.

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