Clean Your Wallpaper With Lime

Is your wallpaper for walls dirty? Did you know that lemon is known as one of the ingredients that have a million benefits for clean something? One of them is to care for wallpaper room wall. When the wallpaper of your room is splashed, you can use a little lemon to clean it.

The trick is to squeeze the lemon, then put the juice into some warm water. Use this mixture water by rubbing it on the wall wallpaper of the room using a soft sponge. Allow a few moments, then wipe a scrub sponge with a soft dry cloth. Special wallpaper room made of fabric, you can use a brush with warm water and lime juice.

And for wallpaper that using regular paper as the material, you have to do the treatment with care because the paper material is quite fragile. You can clean the wallpaper wall surface of this room wear dry cloth. To reach high places, you can use brooms wrapped in cloth or used T-shirts as an alternative.

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