The Key to Preventing Diabetes In Women

Diabetes is a lifetime condition caused by huge levels of sugar in the blood. This occurs because the body can not produce enough insulin or the body can not use it well. Insulin itself is a type of hormone produced by the pancreas. Its main function is to channel glucose from the blood to cells to be used as energy. However, when there is insulin deficiency there will be a buildup of glucose in the blood. Is diabetes preventable? Of course, I can. How to? First, you need to know first what symptoms can lead you to diabetes. If you have found symptoms that are included in the Diabetes category, then you are advised to start consulting with fortis hospital bannerghatta which provides advanced treatment technology so you can detect diabetes early on. In the world of health, Fortis hospital Bannerghatta has committed over 20 years of public health improvement where we have the largest hospital network with world-class integrated treatment methods that have MTQUA accreditation or Medical Travel Quality Alliance and NABH.

The main factor causing diabetes is obesity. The more fat tissue in the body, the body will be more resistant to insulin performance. Moreover, if the stomach bloated, diabetes risk will be higher. Maintaining a diet is also very important to avoid diabetes. Can be started by consuming whole grains, eating fruits regularly, and reducing the consumption of foods containing trans fats that are usually contained in fast food. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle helps us maintain weight and also optimize insulin performance. Can be started by doing regular exercise 30 minutes for five days a week. Sports options can start from the easiest, such as walking and aerobics. Increasing the walk was so the easiest way as well as effectively avoid diabetes. Diabetes can be called “silent killer”. Why? Because sometimes the symptoms are not realized but in the unexpected moment can give a harmful effect. Late knowing the symptoms can also be very high risk.

In essence, preventing diabetes can be done by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This healthy lifestyle includes healthy eating habits and regular exercise. If you have a family with a history of diabetes, it is also important to consult a doctor.

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