Are You a Macbook Air User? You Must Understand All This Disadvantage

Laptops, especially Macbooks, will definitely be important to you. For that, the laptop also needs special care to be used for a long period of time. If your laptop or MacBook is damaged you will need to find a good reparation place so you can maximize your results. For those of you MacBook air users and looking for a good repair place, maybe you need to visit BreakFixNow in Singapore to get macbook air repair service.

Users of MacBook air definitely understand the weaknesses of the MacBook. So, good handling should be in case of damage. Here let’s discuss those weaknesses:

1. No Force Trackpad.
Apple until now still has not added force trackpad to MacBook Air. Force trackpad is only available on MacBook Pro.

2. A number of Little Ports.
The number of MacBook Air’s ports is more than MacBook Pro, but to connect various connectors to MacBook Air, you need additional adapters because some connectors cannot connect.

3. Using Old Specifications.
Macbook water 2017 is still using the same technology with MacBook air 2015. In MacBook air 2017 only added processor clock only, the rest nothing has changed.

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