Material Type of Clutch Bag

Clutch handbags for formal events need not be expensive. You just need to choose colors and materials that look expensive. Look for that has suitability of color with clothes. Try to find clutch handbag made from good materials such as leather, satin, velvet, or pearl. As for the colors you can choose neutral colors like black, silver, gold, purple, or fuschia. Clutch handbag for the daytime Clutch bag is also suitable for use during the day. Very precisely paired with special clothing to look elegant and can be able to change the appearance of your ‘office’ so as to give the impression of more polite and interesting while attending a charity event. If you want a bigger bag, you can visit our website and find the Best Leather Satchel.

The function of the clutch is usually used to carry some small objects. Clutch comes with a variety of designs and materials. Before choosing which clutch is suitable for you, of course, you should know various types first.

– The leather clutch is made of fine leather or synthetic leather. The price for this clutch is usually very expensive and requires extra care. However, most people are more interested in buying clutch with synthetic leather, although the age of this material is not long.

– As the name implies, the satin clutch is made of the satin material is very soft and shiny. Clutch with this material alone is very suitable to accompany you to attend the party with a formal dress code.

– Velvet clutch made of silk, nylon or cotton that require special care because the material is very soft. Materials used are quite luxurious and are generally sold at a fairly high price.

– This type of silk clutch is made of soft pure silk material and strong. For how to take care of itself is quite simple because you only need to wipe with a wet rag if dirty. Avoid washing bags with this material because it will damage the quality.

– Beaded clutch has beaded accents, whether shiny or pearl type. This clutch type will make your appearance look more sweet, mature and classy.

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