What is the Maximum Limit of Waist Size?

A large waistline can increase the risk of heart disease, even death, why? The size of obesity and overweight turned out not only can be measured by a person’s weight but can also be measured with waist circumference. Measurement of waist circumference can be an illustration of the level of fat present in the abdomen or visceral fat. The waist circumference is more accurate to reflect central obesity in adults than the body mass index. Central obesity is excess fat in the stomach, and it is more dangerous than obesity in general.

American Heart Association National Heart and Lung and Blood Institute set a healthy waistline in women that are smaller than 88 cm, while in men smaller than 102 cm. Beyond that number can be said to have a distended stomach or central obesity. In people who have a normal weight but large waist circumference, then he has a higher risk of getting various diseases compared with people with normal waist circumference. Therefore, we advise you to visit our website and find the best waist trainer for plus size.

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