Should Men’s Toys and Women Differentiated?

Gendered toys limit the range of skills and self-attributes that boys and girls can explore by play, these toys may prevent children from developing self-interest, preference, and talent to the maximum extent. Therefore, it would be better if you choose uni-sex game for your child like game building blocks for kids for example.

Apart from that, the negative aspect of gender stereotypes is well documented: more than 100 sexed toys, such as boy-only cars and Barbie dolls for women, are shown to be less encouraging of cognitive development than with neutral toys. Do not underestimate this impact. The stereotypes we see from grouping toys relate to the injustices reflected in real life out there.

Not only can sex toys have a serious impact on the complex of self-skills that will underlie the future and aspirations of his career. Research shows that children already have very clear ideas about work that is suitable for boys (pilots, racers, doctors, presidents, footballers, etc.) and women (housewives, models); ideas that will be very difficult to change later on which will ultimately affect the structure of the workforce.

So, let the child choose a toy that they likes. Children should not be forced to submit to the ancient ideas of parents based on the social construction of the gender role.

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