Which one is better? Static Bicycle or Regular Bicycle?

Bicycling, either using a regular bike or with a static bike from the best smart trainer for zwift that lets you connect with thousands of other cyclists via a virtual screen, is one type of cardio exercise. This is because, with cycling, the performance of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system will increase.

In addition, regular cycling is also able to lower levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, strengthen the heart muscle, and lower blood pressure. That’s why it’s important for you to do cardio exercises first to give your body a warm-up before starting the next sports session.

Well, before you go cycling, the following things can be your consideration to decide whether to ride a static bike or ride a regular bike.

1. Calories Burned
According to Harvard Medical School, some sports done in the gym provide better calorie burning if you can keep the tempo stagnant. A man weighing 70 kilograms can burn 260 calories in 30 minutes by pedaling a static bike using a moderate intensity and about 391 calories in 30 minutes by pedaling a high-intensity bike.

While the number of calories you can burn when riding a bicycle outside the home depends on your speed in pedaling the bike. A 70-kilogram man can burn 372 calories at 14 to 16 mph. Meanwhile, when the man cycled with a speed between 16 and 19 mph for 30 minutes can burn 446 calories.

2. Fitness level
A study shows that a static bike is able to maximize heart rate up to 75-95 percent, this indicates if the bike is static enough to improve fitness. But the disadvantage, the variation of muscle movement is less because of the various facilities to make hamstring muscle as the only muscle that works hardest.

As for the athlete or a true hobby, outdoor cycling can make the heart rate reaches 100 percent. However, because usually not accompanied by instructors, cycling is only fun will actually provide results that are less than the maximum. This is because you do more variations of movement in almost all leg muscles.

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