The popularity of meta trader

It can not be denied, the popularity of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) as the main choice platform until now is unmatched. Many platform models have been offered by brokers, but MT4 is still the preferred platform for many traders. The popularity of MetaQuotes output products is even capable of defeating his “brother”, meta trader 5 (MT5), which was launched as the latest version of MT4.

Generally, the latest update of an application will attract many users to immediately transition using it. But not so the story with MT4. After several years of MT5 launch, MetaTrader 4 still survives as a favorite platform among forex traders. This is evident from the many forex brokers who offer MT4 as the main platform.

In fact, some brokers like FirewoodFX brokers only provide MT4 as the only options trading platform. Plus, the brokers that had been offering MetaTrader 5 began to pull the platform from its list and re-install MT4 as the flagship platform type. The reluctance of various forex brokers to start promoting MT5 is also visible from its access offer that is only activated on demo accounts.

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