Smart ways of utilizing used computers

Actually, there are other things you can do besides selling those used computers. If you belong to a person who switches from computer to laptop device, then you should think again before deciding to sell your old computer. there are some useful things you can do with that computer. Therefore, on this occasion, we will provide some useful tips you can do with it before you decide to sell the used computer. In the meantime, you can also check out the used computers ขายคอมมือสอง near you, if you want to buy them for many things.

Make it a web server

The first tip you might try is to make the old computer as a web server. Some of us may have a website of their own, then rather than rent a server, on the other hand, you better create your own server for your website. The reason, by having a server itself, then you can freely set what software you want to use. In addition, you can also freely upgrade the server. If you run out of space on the server then you just add the hard drive, and if the website page was slow when opened then just add RAM to the server.

Experiment with viruses

If you do not have a personal website or maybe you do not want to make it as a web server, then you can use the former computer as the experiment. You can do various things in it like installing various applications without worrying about your data will be lost. If you recently downloaded an app but you doubt whether the application contains a virus or not, then you can try it first on the computer.

Recycling the Computer

If all the above options do not want you to do, then the last thing, of course, throw it away. But before you get rid of it, make sure to recycle all components that might be used again in the future such as RAM, processor, hard drive, and more. in addition to making your environment healthier, recycling these computer components will also make you as one of the citizens who support the Go Green campaign.

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