Training your kid’s left brain

Read quality stories with the correct language to enrich the children’s vocabulary and train children using the correct language structure. The tips that we’re going to share can be effective for supporting your child’s brain growth, especially the left side of it. Meanwhile, you can also try foam puzzles for toddlers for training the right side of your child’s brain.

Train memory and logic of thinking, among others by:

Ask the child to repeat the reading, then do the question and answer. Thus the child is accustomed to thinking and remembering what he has just learned.

Every now and then parents read and the child listens, then the child is asked about the material he has just heard, to get the child to understand the things he hears quickly.

Play guessing shapes or colors while eating or watching television, so children can learn in a happy atmosphere.

Invite children to play and observe, then invite them to talk from simple to complex issues, such as starting to observe mountains, why mounts look blue from a distance or observe why ships will disappear from sight as they get farther from the beach, etc.

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